Ministry Support

Ministry is hard. We feel called to provide a network of support to these families who sacrificially give their lives to others. We do this by providing crisis counseling grants, refresh retreats (April 18-21, 2024 in Savannah, GA), and sabbatical homes around the country for much needed rest and relaxation.

Over 1,700 pastors leave the church each month.
Let's change that.

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Registration is free for all ministry families. To sponsor a family click here.

Helpful Links

Trusted counselors, ministry partners and other resources for ministry families.

Ministry Retreats

We are so excited to host Refresh Retreats. These unique weekends away will provide time for a ministry couple to come and have fun, receive encouragement and get the rest they desperately need. They will learn what it means to honor God in the sabbath and to practice life rhythms that will help them to stay healthy as they serve others. Dates for 2023 retreat coming soon!

Sabbatical Homes

We want to provide a place for rest, relaxation and reflection for ministry families. These are provided by generous donors who have opened up their homes and vacation homes to serve you. coming soon.

Ministry Grants

Fill out the form below to request a counseling or retreat grant.