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Adoption FAQs

As a Christian faith-based organization, funding is raised with the understanding that it will be used to support Christian faith based missions, as such, adoption grants are available to Christian, heterosexual married couples who are matched with a Christian Adoption Agency (must be an approved 501c3). Additional adoption criteria apply, such as completion of state requirements and pastoral recommendations.

Yes. To receive a grant we require all couples have a completed home study. You will be asked to provide proof of your home study during the application process. 

In addition to a home study we ask that all applying couples have a relationship with a Christian 501c3 approved adoption agency.

No. We are not able to assist with adoptions that are not processed through a licensed, child-placing agency. 

We do not have specific grant amounts. Each grant is specified and awarded based on each family’s unique situation and funds available.

Your application is considered complete and eligible for review when we have received the online application, required supporting documents, and two references. You will receive a confirmation email from us after your application is reviewed. If more information is needed, you will receive e-mail communication from our team.

The grant application is only available online. We are not able to mail hard copies of our application.